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We are BIM technology services for our customer, Architect's Studios & Company Builder.

Trust our expert Architects and Interior Designers.

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Work in teamworks regardless of wherever you are, we synchronize your projects for you

We are able to translate 2D drawings into a detailed BIM model with data and parametric families. In the same way we can coordinate your projects using the BIM technology 

We are a rapidly growing BIM organization in Architecture and Virtual Engineering that offers a range of BIM Technology services

Our BIM Managers will coordinate your projects and they’ll

guide you remotely with our BIM servers

About "VR | BIMx"


virtual reality tours

Present your projects in VR | BIMx - virtual reality tours

We can make  virtual reality tours of yours projects and 360º. In the same way we make immersive presentations for your customers in BIMx using VR glasses virtual reality

Our STAND VR is available for presentations in your social activities or anywhere you wish to marketing your projects.

Virtual reality or VR is a new and evolving technology that completely immerses a user into a virtual three-dimensional environment by using special headsets. This computer-generated simulation allows the user to interact and explore the virtual world in a seemingly real way.

BIM Servers

Take control of your projects monitoring, analyzes and plans your Takeoffs in a safe way. Keep track of everything in the construction progress and process in one place

ArchiCAD BIMCloud | Revit Server | BIM 360

We have BIM Servers for yours projects & Technical Assistance | Support 7 days a week

We synchronize your projects and ready to work in Teamwork

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Our servers are ready and configured to host your BIM projects

Start working in teamwork wherever you are

Two clicks and ready to workflow


Our BIM Services

Contract ours BIM Managers and they’ll

guide you remotely